Mimi I Peak, M.D., M.P.H.
What is Acne?
Acne is an inflammatory disease of the skin, caused by changes
in the pilosebaceous units (skin structures consisting of a hair
follicle and its associated sebaceous gland). Acne lesions are
commonly referred to as pimples, spots or zits.
What are the Causes of Acne
Exactly why some people get acne and some do not is not fully known. It is known to be partly hereditary.
Several factors are known to be linked to acne:
  • Hormonal activity, such as menstrual cycles and puberty
  • Stress, through increased output of hormones from the adrenal (stress) glands.
  • Hyperactive sebaceous glands, secondary to the three hormone sources above.
  • Accumulation of dead skin cells.
  • Bacteria in the pores, to which the body becomes 'allergic'.
  • Use of anabolic steroids.
  • Exposure to high levels of chlorine compounds, particularly chlorinated dioxins, can cause severe, long-
    lasting acne, known as Chloracne.
Development of acne in latter years is uncommon, although this is the age group for Rosacea which may have
similar appearances.
Treatments for Acne?
Prevention is better than cure!  The main aim of treating acne is:  
  • Heal pimples
  • Stop new pimples from forming
  • Prevent scarring
  • Help reduce the embarrassment of having acne.
Getting rid of existing spots is much more difficult: people having treatment are often disappointed because
their spots don't disappear quickly. Acne sufferers need a great deal of patience!

Dr Mimi Peak has
professional products like BiON acne that can prevent and control Acne.
Introducing Laser Treatments for Acne:
An exciting new treatment is the combined energies of natural photodynamic therapy (blue spectrum
laser) and infrared with RF for all forms of Acne including Rosacea and Ingrown Hairs
(Pseudofolliculitis). This enables highly selective targeting of the sebaceous glands and acne bacteria.
Infrared and RF energies reduce sebaceous gland activity while blue light destroys acne.  
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Highly Effective BiON Acne Kit on Special!
BiON acne products achieve complete control of acne in over 90% of cases.  Knowledge of the
skin's biochemistry has grown rapidly in the past few years, yet most acne products have not
kept up with these advancements or used this information to develop more effective products.  

Dr Mimi recommends BiON for most of her adult acne patients and even uses BiON
with her teenage children. "Great Success! And we love the clean smell"
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