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Preventive Medicine is that part of medicine engaged with preventing disease.
This means focusing on helping people live longer, better lives.
Preventive Medicine is cost effective and convenient!
We harness the power of Preventive Medicine in three easy steps, in the past, only available to the elite:
1. Private Physician - Dr Peak is your private physician, she is not limited by any organization or insurance
company on the time or tests allowed per visit.  Your information and data are private between you and Dr Peak.

2.  Analysis - A comprehensive physical to the most sophisticated laboratory tests at a reasonable cost, you know
the price before hand to make your own decisions.  Dr Peak will work with you on developing your program based
on risks and concerns but the decision is always yours.

3.  Assessment - Dr Peak does a personal assessment of your health, recommends any treatment and follows
your progress.  This assessment is not the end and through continued visits you are able to see the changes and
make steps to focus the power of preventive medicine where it is most effective, preventing diseases.