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Mimi I Peak, M.D., M.P.H.
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How is this technology different?
In marrying Intense Pulsed Light and RadioFrequency energy into one treatment, offers the very latest and most
effective high-tech, non-invasive form of non-invasive skin enhancement. Many other lasers and devices, such as
N-lite®, Cooltouch®, SmoothBeam®, V-Beam®, IPL photorejuvenation or Intense Pulsed Light systems with
the Quantum® or Vasculight®, claim to deliver state-of-the-art photorejuvenation. With these basic
Photorejuvenation procedures you may notice a degree of improvement in the appearance of some aspects of
your skin, particularly an improvement in vascular and melanin based discolorations. However, by combining
RadioFrequency and Intense Pulsed Light into one treatment, you will achieve the optimal degree of
enhancement to all components of your skin. By adding the RadioFrequency to the Intense Pulsed light,the
procedure can now boast excellent, no downtime wrinkle improvements together with the significant
improvement in redness, rosacea, pinkness, spider veins, pores and texture.

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