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Highly Effective BiON Acne Kit on Special!
BiON acne products achieve complete control of acne in over 90% of cases.  Knowledge of the
skin's biochemistry has grown rapidly in the past few years, yet most acne products have not
kept up with these advancements or used this information to develop more effective products.  

Dr Mimi recommends BiON for most of her adult acne patients and even uses BiON
with her teenage children. "Great Success! And we love the clean smell"
BiON Acne Kit ------------- $60.00
Includes a skin care brochure plus:
Antibacterial Cleanser -----------  $20
Salicylic-Gycolic Gel ------------  $22
Green Tea/Clay Poultice (mask) -  $22
Hormone Testing *  (T4, T3, Cortisol, DHEA, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, HGH, Melatonin)
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